Early Lectures, Press 1974-2010


A New Marriage of Brain and Computer / S. Hameroff

Google Talks, Mountain View, CA, 2012 


"Schrodinger's proteins: How quantum biology can explain consciousness", Salzburg, July 2007


"How science can save its soul" Episcopal Clergy of Los Angeles, May 2007


"Cilia, vision and consciousness" Syntonic Optometry, May 2007


"Life, health and disease: A quantum perspective"  Netherlands, October 2007


Quantum states in proteins and protein assemblies: The essence of life? (Talk at SPIE Conference, Grand Canary island, May 2004)


How biological microtubules may avoid decoherence (Quantum processes of nature conference, Vienna, Austria, May 24, 2005


Quantum consciousness: The brain's connection to 'funda-mental' reality (Whatthebleep conference,  Boulder, Colorado, April 29, 2005)


What is Consciousness? - Slide Show Lecture


Interviews - continued


The Bleeping Herald - Interview by Cate Montana


CMN: Stuart Hameroff on the Real What the Bleep (January 2006) Season 2, Episode 3 with Regina Meredith

Insight Magazine: A roundabout story Interview for Insight-Roundabout


Daily Grail _The quantum mind of Stuart Hameroff


Naughty Quantum Robot_ObjectMonkey


Good and Evil at the Planck Scale 


  Consciousness Microtubules and Quantum World.pdf  Alternative Therapies: Anesthesia, consciousness and the quantum world?  Interview - Alternative Therapies 1997  3(3):70-79 by Bonnie Horgan 



Oldies But Goodies



Brain / Mind - A Bulletin of Breakthroughs, More from Tucson, Microtubules link mind, physics,  June 1994


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Rasmussen Steen, Karampurwala Hasnain, Vaidyanath Rajesh, Jensen Klaus, Hameroff Stuart, (1990) Computational connectionism within neurons:A model of cytoskeletal automata subserving neural networks,  Physica D 42:428-449


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Ch'i: A neural hologram? Microtubules, bioholography and acupuncture, Stuart Hameroff American Journal of Chinese Medicine 2(2):163-170 (1974).




BBC Simulation of Orch OR Model of Consciousness



Microtubules, Nature's Quantum Computers



Mind Games
By Bill Pheasant, Australian Financial Review


Tucson Press

Thinking About the Hard Problem
By Dan Huff, Tucson Weekly


David Chalmers Stays at Arizona - Turns Down Oxford Chair
By Dan Huff, Tucson Weekly


Sleeper Hit Film Stars Local Doctor  Arizona Daily Star Innes 6-13-2004.pdf 

By Stephanie Innes, Arizona Daily Star

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